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Perry's Tents & Events Rental Prices
Serving Metro Detroit, MI


Wedding White Vinyl w/ White Frame$1.75
Black Vinyl w/ Chrome Frame, Brown Vinyl w/ Brown Frame$1.60
Garden Bistro, White, Round Back$1.95
White Resin Folding w/ Padded Seat$3.75
Gold Chiavari, Cane Back w/ Ivory or Black Padded Seat$6.00
Tall Chrome Bar Stool w/ Black Padded Seat$8.70


6' Long Table, 6-8 People$7.75
8' Long Table, 8-10 People$8.00
30” or 36” Round Table, Sit Down Cocktail, 4 People $8.50
30” or 36” Round Table, Tall Stand Up Cocktail, 4 People$9.75
48” Round Table, 4 - 6 People $8.95
48” x 48” Square Table, 4-8 People $9.50
60” Round Table, 8 – 10 People$9.50
72” Round Table, 10 – 12 People$11.50
Serpentine Table ¼ Round$13.75
Patio Table 48” Round Table,w/ linen 4 - 6 People$15.50
Umbrella 90” Market – Style - Taupe$20.00
6' or Serpentine Portable Bar Kit w/ Black Skirting$58.00
8' Multi Colored Pallet Bar$150.00
6' or 8' x 18” Conference Table, 6-8 People$8.75
Dance Floors in Black/White or Parquet style Indoor/OutdoorCall

We also carry dance floors, platforms, podiums,stanchions, red carpets, coat racks, pipe & drape. . . Call Today!


Hi-Ball 8.5 oz., 12 oz.; Rock Glasses 9 oz.; Champagne, Reg. Style 5.5 oz.; Water Goblet 11 oz.; Wine 6 oz. Bowl Style; Wine 8 oz. All-Purpose; Punch Cup 7 oz.; Pilsner 10 oz$0.49
Bola Wine 13 oz.; Irish Coffee Mugs 8 oz.; Fluted Champagne 6 oz.; Martini 6 oz.; Margarita/Martini, Omega Style 12 oz; Cosmopolitan 8 oz,.Elegant Tall Wine 13 oz$0.57
Elegant Tall Wine 16 oz$0.65

Linen, Chair Covers & Spandex

Banquet Table Cloth$8.75
90” Round Cloth$8.75
108” Round Cloth$12.75
120” Round Cloth$14.75
132” Round Cloth$17.75
90”x132” Long Box Cloth$17.75
90”x156” Long Box Cloth$19.75
8' Skirts$12.50
14' Skirts $20.00
Chair Covers$2.25

Other Sizes Available... Up To 30 plus Colors

* not all linen colors are available in all sizes

Custom Purchased Linen Order Available
Linen Laundry Service Available


Square Fusion:
Dinner Plate$0.75
Salad Plate, B & B$0.70
China w/ Platinum Edging:
Dinner Plate$0.60
Salad Plate, B & B , Teacup, Saucer, Soup$0.56
Solid White Porcelain:
Dinner Plate$0.57
Salad Plate, B & B , Teacup, Saucer, Soup$0.54
Glass – Seabreeze Swirl Pattern:
Dinner Plate$0.50
Salad Plate, B & B , Teacup, Saucer, Soup$0.50

Food Service Pieces

8qt. Rolltop Chafer, Rec.$22.00
8qt. Rolltop Chafer, Rnd.$22.00
8qt. S.S.w / Brass Trim, Rec.$20.00
8qt. S.S. Commercial Rec.$17.00
6qt. S.S. Oval w/Brass Trim$19.50
* all chafing dishes require food pans
Food Pans for Chafing Dishes

Bar-B-Q Grill, Charcoal 5' long$85.00
Bar-B-Q Grill, Propane 5' long$190.00
Party Barrels 109qt w /wheels$22.00
Portable Convection Oven, Propane$325.00
Heated Banquet Cabinet, Holds 120-130 Plates$325.00

We also carry portable commercial ovens, coffee makers, heat lamps, hot boxes, tray stands, waiter trays, silver pieces and much, much more

Concession Equipment

Popcorn Maker 8 oz. 1911 style$85.00
Popcorn Wheeled Cart$45.00
Cotton Candy Machine$85.00
Sno-Cone Machine$85.00
Ice Cream Cart w Umbrella$140.00
Fill & Chill Table 6' Skirting Extra$40.00


S.S. Baguette Pattern:
Dinner Knives$0.41
Dinner Forks, Salad Forks, Teaspoon, Soup Spoon Butter Knives.$0.41
S.S. Marquette Pattern:
Dinner Knives$0.45
Dinner Forks, Salad Forks, Teaspoon, Soup Spoon Butter Knives$0.45
Silver King James Pattern:
Dinner Knives$0.65
Dinner Forks, Salad Forks, Teaspoon, Soup Spoon Butter Knives$0.65

All Tents Include Installation

Canopies/Tents (soft surface installation only)

20 x 20 Solid White, Blue/White, Red/White, Green/White, Yellow/White 40–60 People$210.00
20 x 30 Solid White, Blue/White, Red/White, Yellow/White 60–80 People$260.00
20 x 40 Solid White 80–100 People$315.00
30 x 40 Oval, Solid White 120–160 People$515.00
30 x 60 Oval Solid White 170–190 People$730.00
30 x 45 High Peak, Solid White 130–170 People$565.00
30 x 60 High Peak, Solid White 180–200 People$740.00
30 x 75 High Peak, Solid White 200–220 People$970.00
40 x 60 High Peak, Solid White 240–280 People$1010.00
40 x 80 High Peak, Solid White 320–350 People$1310.00
40 x 100 High Peak, Solid White 400–500 People$1610.00
40 x 120 High Peak, Solid White 450–550 People$1975.00

Frame Tents (hard/soft surface installation)

10 x 10 High Peak & Traditional, Solid White, Bar/Food Service$150.00
15 x 15 High Peak & Traditional, Solid White, Bar/Food Service$205.00
20 x 20 High Peak, Solid White 40–60 People$315.00
20 x 30 Traditional Peak, Solid White 60–80 People$420.00
40 x 34 Hexagonal High Peak, Solid White 100-120 People$800.00
20 x 40 High Peak, Solid White 80-100 People$555.00
30 x 45 Jumbo Track Gable, Solid White 130-170 People$950.00
30 x 60 Jumbo Track Gable, Solid White 180-200 People$1250.00

Perry's is NOT responsible for damage to underground lines!

from Weddings, Graduations, Back Yard Get Togethers, to Company Picnics & Large Events... From Simple to Sophisticated in Style, Design, or Logistics, Large or Small Perry's Tents & Events Can Handle Them ALL!!

Tent Accessories

Sidewalls: Solid White, Window & Screen, Tent Doors available Call Click-to-Call Call
Lighting: String Drop Lights , Track Lights, Twinkle Lights,
Tent Heaters, Tent Fans, Portable Air Coolers and Much, Much More
Call Click-to-Call Call

Our Experienced Delivery Staff Will et-Up Your Event Throughout
S.E. Michigan & Beyond...
Call Today!!!

Our Awards

  • WDIV's Vote 4 the Best Winner!
  • Gold Pinnacle Award!
  • Best Small Business Award!

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